Hue Rhodes

May 04

“Play the game better if you’re winning. Change the rules of the game if you’re not.” — A.G. Lafley

Apr 03

You will not be asked to do the thing you do better. You will be asked to do the thing you and you alone can do.

Apr 01

It appears that, in my absence, some of the Tumblrs I’ve been following have gone off the rails.

Jan 12



Sep 30


I am up at 5:30 on a Sunday morning, working on a script. Because with the two kids and non-stop travel, it is the only time I can find. Half my brain says “if this is so hard, the universe is telling you it’s not meant to be.” The other half of my brain says “fuck that, keep writing.”

Sep 25



Aug 08

The best one.

The best one.

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Jun 02

“This seeming chaos which is in us is a rich, rolling, swelling, dying, lilting, singing, laughing, shouting, crying, sleeping order.” — The Timeless Way of Building, Christopher Alexander

May 02

BRYCE DOT VC: The Ballerinas of Silicon Valley -


Sorry Eric, but I hate the word pivot.

Somehow, over the last year or so Pivot has managed some literary slight of hand in which it has transformed (pivoted?) itself from a verb to a noun. Crossed over from a series of actions taken out of necessity in achieving an objective to becoming the…

Apr 16

“You’re on national TV. Shave your back.” — Brian Suddreth